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Mental Skills Coach: MA, LMHC

"Working with young, student athletes on the mental performance part of their game is both rewarding and inspiring. A players growth, development and approach to the mental aspect of their performance will have a positive impact on their life skills as they aspire for greatness."

Carmen Visan brings a wealth of experience and positive energy to Hockey Horizons. As the creator and brain trust of the Excellence Project, Carmen has been working on mental skills and performance for the majority of her life.


In her youth, she was a gifted student and ballet performer.  In the last ten years, she developed a selective private practice as a therapist, working with high-functioning professionals and gifted adolescents. In the last three years, and catalyzed primarily by her son's hockey goaltending experience, Carmen conceptualized The Excellence Project, a sport and performance psychology consulting practice, so as to work with people pursuing excellence in a couple of domains: business leadership; organizational health; individual growth in athletics - hockey, tennis, and running - and the performing arts.


Carmen will be supporting Hockey Horizons players in developing their toolkit of mental skills, which will enable them to be more successful in hockey and in life.

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