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Nutrition Advisor: CSN, LMT

"Nutrition plays such an important role in a players life. What we eat serves as the fuel we burn. It is vital that players have both the knowledge and application of nutrition in their lives to give them the optimum opportunities for success."

For over 17 years, Stefanie Rock helped hundreds of families create a healthier lifestyle as a wellness educator, nationally board certified massage therapist, and certified sports nutritionist.
While youth sports has grown dramatically over the past years, she realized that nutrition was too often a missing key element of their training. 
Focusing on youth athletes. Stefanie provides nutritional education unique to maturing and growing athletes. This key pillar of training builds a foundation for better health, not just for a season, but for their lifetime.
Stefanie is also a mom to two hockey teenagers and is dedicated to showing her kids the world, while simultaneously trying to save it. If she's not at home, you can probably find her at the rink or the library.