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Our work can be summed up in our Mission Statement. We strive to help players advance to the next level in hockey. In our offices, we look to that simple statement to guide in in everything we do. Unfortunately, you don't sit in our offices and chug coffee with us while we do what we do. Fortunately, we have this webpage, to offer you more detail.

Our Process (Top)



Our concept is simple. We strive to be more than what typical advisors are. We strive to do more, work more, achieve more and offer more. We actually don't see ourselves as "advisors." While we do provide advise on a spectrum of topics, we focus a lot of time on mentoring players. 

While we have a vast collection of contacts, colleagues and allies at every level in the game, we can only utilize those contacts if you are a player who is worth marketing to that level. Don't get us wrong, we value all of our clients. But it serves no purpose to push a player to be potentially recruited by a level they aren't ready for.

So we stick to our concept. Build the player and the recruiters will be there for them when the time is right.



Our focus is on working with our players and families to improve in all aspects of their lives. If any player or family thinks they have it all figured out, they won't likely make it past the cover page of our site. We have identified the key aspects of what it takes to advance in hockey and what it will take for players to achieve their set goals. Skill development, Hockey IQ, good nutritional habits, a solid workout plan, mental performance growth and good academics all play a part in that. It's simple. To advance in the game you have to be a player whose attributes match with the level you aspire to.

Reach out to us and we can explain what our focus involves in detail.



While it would behoove us to simply lay out our strategy, we can share the simple fact that we have one. If you have audited companies in our space, you will quickly see that we offer far more than advice. Our strategy has been constructed through years of experience working in the game with personnel at all levels. We have learned what they want and what they like. It is our relationships with these people and our track record with our players who now play for them that tell us we're on the right path.

We have developed a plan for our clients that gives them the best possible opportunities with teams and their recruiters. It is genuine and honest. More importantly, it works and our clients gain valuable tools along the way.



We have put a great deal of effort into the design of this site to give a general idea of the Who, What, When, Where and Why as they relate to Hockey Horizons. You can see who we are and get a brief glimpse as to our backgrounds. You can read a little about what we do. You can see when we do things and when we act on things. You can see where we are and where we will be down the road. Lastly, you have likely read why we do this. Why we do things a little differently than most and why we stick to this plan. 

It is this same W5 approach we take towards our business. In our travels, we audit and vet the programs we recommend. We ask the tough questions in order to get the factual information we need to either recommend a program or eliminate it. All programs have good things to offer. It is about finding the right fit for our players and the right fit for those organizations. It is the level of detail and commitment we pride ourselves on. We invite you to contact us to take a deeper dive into how we might be able to assist you.


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