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How to stay in Quality Hockey Shape During COVID-19 Quarantine (workout included)

As we find ourselves in this unprecedented times, the hockey community is craving to get back to work. Some are unsure on what they can or need to do to stay ready for when the rinks and training facilities open back up. Many of us are stuck at home with little or no gym equipment, lucky for you is that while workout equipment is helpful for training it is also a luxury. You can use nothing but your own body weight and items commonly found around the house to stay in shape. Here is a quick guide for your training during these uncertain times.

Anyone can create an at home training circuit that will make you sweat but hockey players aren't "anyone". Although the science that is behind at home training circuits is deep, the way to apply an at home workout series is plainly straightforward in both application and how it's made.

The key is to balance both the decelerators and accelerators of your complete body when applying each exercise in your circuit. You can maximize cross-body accelerative and declarative balance by choosing 8 different exercises in your circuit each with a different primary movement pattern. Its important to pick each exercise that specializes in a different plane of motion and alternate from anterior exercise (front) to a posterior exercise (back). A template would look like this....

1) Vertical load (anterior)

2) Vertical load (posterior)

3) Diagonal load (anterior)

4) Diagonal load (posterior)

5) Horizontal load (Horizontal rotation)

6) Horizontal load (Opposite rotation)

7) Diagonal load (anterior)

8) Diagonal load (posterior)

Now for a full example of exercises to do, complete 3 sets of 20/25 each with 30-40 sec breaks in-between each set.

1) Prisoner squats

2)Good morning Squats

3)Single-leg RDLs (right)

4) Push up bird dogs (right)

5) T-Rolls

6) Renegade Rows

7) Single-leg RDLS (left)

8) Push up bird dogs (left)

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