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Bring Your Santa Skates

Many players playing away from home this season. During the Holidays, these players may be returning home for the holidays. While this is always a good time to visit family and friends, it's always a good idea to bring your gear home with you to spread some cheer.

While this time is to rest and recharge your batteries, it is also important to get onto the ice and stay sharp. It is also a good time to reacquaint with former teammates and coaches. You can do this by reaching out to your former teams and ask them to join them while they skate over the holidays. There are many positives that can come out of this.

While some teams and coaches keep their practices closed as they may have policies for it or are preparing for tournaments, some teams and their coaches love to have alumni out. I suggest you simply ask.

Skating with your old team provides many things:

1) You get to stay sharp over the holidays.

2) The players with your old team will likely be excited to see a former player return as it endorses their decision to play there.

3) It shows your old coach that you appreciate them and just by showing up, illustrates your love for that program.

4) It's fun.

Coaches & associations should be open to this type of thing. It creates a deeper sense of community and all involved will be rewarded as such.

If you do end up skating with your old team, there are a few things to bear in mind. First off, be respectful that you are a guest with that team and they may have specific plans for their practices that you may not factor in to. Teams may be working on set plays and want to involve their players into that plan. Once you step onto the ice with that team, you are expected to accept their team culture and rules. If they condition, you condition. If they do a drill you don't understand, make sure you know your function in the drill before you participate. By fitting in, you will gain the respect of the players who look forward to hearing all about your season's experiences.

Make your time at home useful and fun. Work out, eat well and get the appropriate rest you need. Do that and you will return back to your teams fully charged up and eager to continue your season. Enjoy!

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