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Time to Start Your Summer Plan

You are now entering the home stretch. Playoffs are either right around the corner or are upon you and many of you have started to think about what is in store for next year. Some of you haven't. 3 words of advice...Get on it!

Planning for your next season can be a productive way to spend some of your time as you prepare for the off-season.

There is much to do as you wind up this season and begin the process of advancing your career. Here are a few tips:

1) Formulate a Plan: There's an old saying, "If you fail to plan, then plan to fail." Things like prospecting and vetting teams and leagues that you are interested in are a start.

2) Schedule Your Training: The pros and college somewhat have it easy. They know where they are playing next season, you don't. The summer months are consumed with tryouts, camps, showcases, etc. As such, structure your workout plan to coincide with your tryout and showcase schedule. Your body will thank you.

3) Set Your Goals: In order to attain your goals, you have to set them. Set your sights on a league/level that you think is attainable. So many players waste their off-season chasing a level that is currently out of reach. Careful planning will yield positive results.

4) Practice the RRR Plan: It's been a grueling season. Before you can even begin your plan for the summer you need to practice the 3 R's...Rest, Recover & Refocus. Studies have shown that over-use of certain ligaments and tendons can do long term damage. They, like you, need to Rest. Your body takes a toll during a season. As such, you may have injuries that you need to Recover from. Lastly, Refocus. Every season should have a start and end. Players need to reflect on the last season and before they can even begin to get ready for training, they need to flush the old season and prepare for their work ahead.

With careful planning, players can effectively develop a plan for success in the off-season.

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