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COVID-19 What can you do?

Yes. This really sucks. The Coronavirus COVID-19 has life, as we know it, turned upside down. Depending on where you live, your lifestyle has been compromised more or less than others. Rinks are closed. Fitness dojos are shut tight. Social distancing and home confinement is the norm. We live in uncertain times.

One thing is certain, however. Life will return to normalcy at some point. It could be a month. It could be a year. But, make no mistake, life will go on. As you spend your time at home, you might be asking questions like, "When will this end?" "What about tryouts?" "When can I skate?" In general terms, "What can I do?"

While no one can be certain when tryouts and summer showcases will be rescheduled, you can be certain of one thing: When tryouts and scouting events resume, teams will be looking for players who are ready. Players who are prepared, in shape and have kept themselves ready...for anything.

As we all look for answers, we can only assume that your window for player placement and camp opportunities has been greatly diminished due to this pandemic. It makes the need for parents and their families to do their homework and formulate a detailed plan of which camps and team tryouts to attend. In a normal off-season that lasts from April to September for most players, they have plenty of time to prospect various camps and ID camps. Well...not this year. Players and their families must make firm choices and plans as to where they think they have the best opportunities. Recruiting season has been cut short. Teams and their staffs will have to assemble their rosters quickly this year. These teams will rely heavily on their scouts and the mentors and advisors to gain the best information possible as they decide on players for their rosters.

While so much will be up in the air as to when the game comes back, the one thing you have absolute control over is what you are doing today to prepare for that day. That preparation is simple: Train and train hard. We (Hockey Horizons) have the players we work with on a training schedule that will have them ready when the day comes to leave the house and return to the rinks. From a solid nutrition plan, to a top-knotch workout schedule, to a mental performance plan to keep you focused on the goals you've set for yourself, we are working as hard as ever.

I have personally been using this time cooped up inside to speak to my brethren of coaches, scouts, recruiters and managers to hear what they are thinking about their teams and what they are looking forward to this upcoming season. I feel for them. Their camps are being pushed and cancelled. They don't have the luxury of weeding out the prospects. But their lack of time to select players will be to the advantage of the players who are preparing for what lies ahead. Are you one of those players? What are you doing to keep your physical and mental skills sharp? If you need some ideas, give me a ring. I've got a laundry list of things to get to keep you busy.

I wish you all the best of fortunes as we navigate through these unfortunate times.

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