Speed and Explosion Workout

In hockey speed kills. I can't tell you how many times I heard that throughout my playing career. That is why speed specific exercises should be included in any training routine. There are some coaches out there that claim you can't teach speed and while they may be some truth to that, it isn't entirely true. When training the proper way, improving technique, and learning the proper form athletes truly can increase their start speed and top end speed. Here is a workout that is designed to create explosive starts and fast top end speed times.

Hockey Speed and Explosion workout

Goals of workout:

1) Increased acceleration

2) Increased start and top speed

3) Increase explosiveness

4) Increased deceleration speed

5) Improved lateral agility and quickness

6) Improved lateral speed

7) Equalize power in both legs

The Workout:

1) Broad jump into sprint 10 sets over 20 yards with a 75 second rest in between sets

2) Vertical Jump into sprint 10 sets over 20 yards with a 75 second rest in between sets

3) Alternating split squat jumps 10 sets of 5 each leg with 60 second rest in-between sets

4) Continuous lateral shuffle between 10 yard cones 5 sets of 30 seconds each with 60 second rests in-between sets

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